Friday, September 26, 2008

The fake and the farce

In criticizing Lisa Raitt and the way she was thrust onto our riding by the back room boys in Ottawa, the question remains of who true Conservatives in Halton ought to vote for.

Before we answer that, we'd like to make it clear who not to vote for. Clearly we don't want Garth Turner as our member of parliament. When Garth Turner was ejected from the caucus, we stood by him. We thought he took a principled position and we thought he was brave to stand as an independent -- the pure MP, beholden to no party.

Then, unexpected and inexplicably, Garth Turner joined the Liberal Party. Since then, he has become a parody. His fawning professions of loyalty for Stephane Dion inspire a mixture of laughter and revulsion. His behaviour in this election, highlighted by the farcical appearance on CPAC, showed us the worst in how an MP can behave.

Garth Turner posted out letter, but he edited out our criticism of him in the second paragraph. We don't appreciate our words being censored, but we have come to expect this sort of thing from our former colleague.

So we are recommending that Conservative voters in Halton, and for that matter, all voters in Halton, reject both the fake and the farce.

Two of us are sitting on our hands. As for me, I know Robert Wagner. I like Robert Wagner. I think a lot of angry Conservatives and embarrassed Liberals could do worse than vote for the NDP in Halton.


Johnny Blue said...

Vote NDP? You've got to be kidding?

Anonymous said...

well you've changed my vote! I will now vote liberal. I was a conservative but if they are as dirty as you say they are and you were one, you'd know. the whole party must be like this. Thank you for setting me straight. Liberal all the way. will you be campaigning for Garth? I think I'll make my donation to him.

Rob C said...

As a non Haltonite I really don't believe that the decent people of that area will buy into bullshi# like this. A letter with no author/s name/s, an edited version from turner . Who would be so dam nieve as to buy this??? Come on turner and crew cut the local citizens some slack. THEY ARE NOT STUPID.

on the fence said...

Are you saying the letter was written by garth or his supporters?

Anonymous said...

Ok Guys,

If you don't like Garth and Lisa.
What are you asking Halton to do?

We only have two left to vote for.

If people are not happy they just will not get out and vote.That means that the numbers will be down all over the Halton riding.
Who can do the Job.

Thanks Jim