Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bizarre theories and honest facts

Bizarre Theory: We're really Garth Turner.

The Truth: Really, this is absurd beyond belief.

Myth: Garth Turner is polling well.

The Truth: We still have pipelines into the party, and the local numbers indicate that Halton is truly in play.

If it wasn't a close race, why would we care? Lisa Raitt would lose and the back room boys in Ottawa would learn a lesson. But Lisa Raitt is definitely in contention, and we're concerned that the people in Ottawa will start to think that they know better than local riding associations. For the long term health of our party, we need the back room brokers to trust us on the ground.

Don't vote for Garth Turner, the man who sold his riding out.

Don't vote for Lisa Raitt, the woman who was handed this riding by people who think they own it.

This message from long time Conservatives who care about how both Garth Turner and Lisa Raitt have undermined democracy in our riding. Halton deserves better.


Bocanut said...

Do you unsigned cowards want Halton to vote Communist?

penlan said...

You make no sense. None whatsoever.

And not signing your letters is cowardly. But then again, it's looking more & more like the Cons tend to hide from any criticism of any sort. I would take that as an inability to have intelligent discourse.

Just like the majority of Con candidates won't go to all candidate meetings in their ridings. Why? Because they most likely won't like the questions they will be asked & actually have no ability to answer anything in detail. Just "talking points" parroted over & over. Which makes them look idiotic. OR they lose their tempers, as was evident in last night's all candidate meeting in Ottawa Centre. McGarry blew it. And he was combative with voters who asked questions. Way to go Cons.

Turner is honest which can't be said of the Con party. Not even the leader.

And I also see that you don't reply to comments either. What are you afraid of?

Anonymous said...

Turner is honest?

Yah, as honest as taking a camera crew to a picked house.

As honest as getting in as MP for one party and then going to another, no independant, then another party.

Oh yeah. Garf is honest all right.