Monday, September 29, 2008

An interesting seven-course lunch

You don't need to know where or with whom, but two of us had an interesting lunch today. It didn't have seven courses of food, but we've come away with seven points to consider:

1. No party is going to give up the ability to appoint candidates. But in Halton, the Conservatives were considerate enough to make certain a race didn't start knowing what was coming. The same could not be said of the Liberals in Saskatchewan when Joan Beatty's appointment shut down a nomination contest that was nearly complete.

2. Has the message to the back room boys been delivered already? Lunch might be considered confirmation that it has. If so, what purpose is being served by continuing to oppose Lisa Raitt?

3. The NDP platform has been released. Do we really want votes to go there?

4. Even with a poor start with regards to the nomination process, does Lisa Raitt's potential ability to serve tihs riding well in an upcoming government warrant some sober second thought?

5. Why are we repeating scurrilous descriptions of Lisa Raitt's tenure at the TPA? She was much more effective than some other people have given her credit for.

6. Garth Turner's statements notwithstanding, this riding is in play. Which is stronger? Our frustration at the nomination process or our profound disappointment with Garth Turner?

7. If we have advice to give to the next member of parliament for Halton, what is the likelihood that Lisa Raitt will listen to it carefully? Apparently, the promise is there that we will indeed be given time. What is the likelihood that Garth Turner would hang up the phone on us? Near certainty.

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